English – Voice liberation

Hans Beenhakkers is a voice-liberator. Voice Liberation ( English for “stembevrijding” in Dutch) is an unique way to reach your Self.

Everyone is able sing, you already have that ability in you. It may not sound as you would  like it to sound, but the ability is there. Now, are you able to let go of your judgements and opinions about it, so your voice is free to do what it wants to do and already knows?

By means of voice, bodywork and expression energy gets released that has been building up over the years in your body. The word Yoga means connection, in this case the connection between your inner body feelings, and your outer voice.

You do definitely not have to be able to sing (nice), no experiemce with singing or music is required. It really comes down to using your voice as a means let out what is (consciously or unconsciously) happening or stored inside you and your body.

Letting hear how you are doing without using words!


Currently I give voice-liberation only in individual sessions.
If you have a group or an event in which you want voice-liberation, you can contact me.
In the future there will also be group courses.

Hans Beenhakkers studied Psychology at the University of Utrecht, is a graduate of the Conservatory Hilversum Light Music Department, completed a 5 year yoga-teacher training  at the Yoga Centre Utrecht, completed the 2-year of training for voice-liberator (stembevrijder) with Jan Kortie. He is now in training to be certified as a drum circle facilitator with Arthur Hull

Hans also organizes Kirtan meetings (mantra chanting) in Nijmegen and Utrecht, www.kirtan.nu